Embassy of Nepal US Visa Application Fee Increase in 2023

According to the US Embassy of Nepal, the Department of State has recently announced a significant change that will affect Nepali travelers. Starting from June 17, 2023, Nepal’s US visa application fee will increase.

In this article, we will discuss the fee increase details and its implications for Nepali travelers.

New US Visa Application Fee

The new fee structure for US visas in Nepal is as follows:

VISA TypePrevious Visa FeesNew Visa Fees
Visitor visas and other non-petition-based NIVs$160$185
Petition-based (H, L, O, P, Q, and R) visa$190$205
E visa application$205$315

The US government has implemented these changes to ensure that. The cost of providing visa services has been adequately covered. Additionally, tariffs are important in supporting the US State Department’s efforts to promote international travel and tourism.

The new fees will apply to all visa applicants, regardless of nationality. Applicants can pay the new fees online or at the US Embassy in Kathmandu.

The US Embassy in Kathmandu has advised visa applicants to plan and schedule their appointments well before travel. The embassy has also stated that it expects increased demand for visas in the coming months.

Impact on Nepali Travelers

The increase in US visa application fees is expected to have a significant impact on Nepali travelers. The newly increased fees may discourage some individuals from pursuing their plans to travel to the United States. This could potentially lead them to explore alternative destinations or reconsider their travel plans altogether.

The Nepali economy may face negative consequences due to the duty hike. The tourism industry is an important source of foreign exchange for Nepal. This can adversely affect the overall economic development of the country due to the decline in foreign visitors.

For Nepali travelers who still wish to travel to the United States, it is well worth taking a look at the new visa application fee. Here are some valuable tips to help you navigate through these changes:

Plan Ahead: It is important that you plan your travel to schedule a visa appointment well in advance. Given the expected increase in visa demand, it is advised to secure an appointment at the U.S. Embassy in Kathmandu as soon as possible.

Consider Third-Party Visa Service Providers: These providers specialize in assisting travelers with their visa applications, offering guidance and support every step of the way. From helping you complete the application form to guiding you through the payment of visa fees, they can be valuable resource. By availing of their expertise, you can alleviate some of the burden and increase your chances of a successful visa application.

Source: U.S. Embassy Nepal


In conclusion, the recent increase in US visa application fees presents a significant development that will undoubtedly impact Nepali travelers. By staying informed about the new fee structure and proactively planning your travel, you can navigate through these changes more effectively. Although the higher fees may pose challenges, it is important to explore the available options and make informed decisions.

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